outgoing mail for 12/15/10

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This is what’ll be leaving my house tomorrow! One is a Christmas card & first letter to Mae, a penpal I met on Interpals; one is a reply to my fantastically creative penpal Emily with some goodies inside; one is a surprise letter & card to Siobhan, whose address I found on SendSomething.net; and the other is a surprise first letter & some other exciting tidbits to a blogger whose blog I occasionally comment on so I won’t name her here 🙂


today’s incoming mail

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Today’s incoming mail is pretty exciting! Two lovely letters from my lovely penpals 🙂 Forgive the crappy webcam photos; I just wanted to share my mail with you all 🙂

The one in the pretty green envelope with all the stamps is from Vera, a new penpal from the Dominican Republic. The one in the white envelope is from regular correspondent Corina, in California.

Vera’s envelope contained a letter on pretty stationery and an awesome handmade Christmas card!

Corina’s envelope contained a letter and another envelope–how intriguing!

Look! Another great holiday card!

That’s it for today’s mail, folks! Check again soon!

who do i write to?

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If you love the romanticism of real old-fashioned letters, but have no one to write to, this post is for you!

You could always write to your existing friends or family members, but one of the things I love most about letter-writing is the way it allows me to expand my circle of friends, to make friends that aren’t dependent on my physical location. Letter friendships start out on a deeper note than real-life friendships, too; something about a letter makes one unafraid to jump right into your philosophy of life, instead of starting out with, hey, how are you, what do you do for a living, and leaving it there for awhile.

Anyway, how to find penpals! The internet is a huge help in that regard. These are some of my favorite websites for finding new people to write to:

Interpals (http://www.interpals.net): This is an enormous social network devoted to making new friends and penpals! Not everyone here is looking for snail mail pals, but plenty are, and you can do searches on all kinds of criteria. This is such a huge database that you’ll never run out of new profiles of people to write to, and it has its own communication system, too. I have met many fabulous penpals on IP!

SendSomething (http://sendsomething.net): This isn’t exactly a penpal site, but it’s a good way to find new penpals nonetheless. Its purpose is explained in its name: send something! This can be a one-time postcard, note, or anything that fits in an envelope, or it can be the start to a great correspondence. The search function is extremely basic, but just clicking around for random addresses can be fun. You’ll find the postal addresses of most members right on their profiles, and sending surprise mail is exciting.

Good Mail Day (http://goodmailday.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/call-for-scribblers-mail-artists-and-pen-friends/): This is actually a blog post with comments from people seeking postal correspondents, and the number of addresses is small, but it’s awesome because these people all seem to be really into mail–it’s not a whim, it’s a way of life! You’ll find people who write letters, swap postcards, make mail art, and more.

Livejournal Penpal Community (http://community.livejournal.com/penpals/): This community is worth creating an LJ account for! You’ll find fairly long, detailed profiles, from lots of people seeking penpals.

There are dozens, probably hundreds of other penpal sites on the internet, some good, some bad, but those are my favorites! Just do a google search if you want more, but I think you should be able to find plenty of awesome penpal friends on the above websites. Have fun with your adventure in penpalling!

These days, most people correspond electronically. A truly great correspondence, though, I believe, is found in shoeboxes full of old handwritten letters, rather than in impermanent and impersonal email accounts. I doubt our children and grandchildren will be going through our old emails, but who wouldn’t love to discover a bundle of letters in the attic, with the paper yellowing and ink fading, giving a glimpse into the world as it was?

letter.love is a blog devoted to snail mail! This is a blog of letters, cards, stationery, swaps, fountain pens, penpalling, stamps, and above all, the genuine human connection fostered by letters making their way through the mysterious inner workings of the postal service, that great (if dysfunctional) invention, between one mailbox and another.

As for me, my name is Jocelyn. I’m a 19-year-old American girl who is constantly screwing up her life and trying to put it back together again, but I’m enjoying all the adventures along the way as I try to straighten myself out. I’m a life enthusiast, passionate photographer, adventurer, explorer, world traveler, creator, conversationalist, avid people-watcher, lover of words, daydreamer, and letter writer.

Most of my letters are written to penpals. I’ll have to devote a post to the different ways I’ve found penpals, but there are lots of websites that aid in the search! I always write my letters by hand, and I’ve been penpalling for about a year now. However, I’ve only been intensively into letter-writing for a couple of months, so I really can’t tell you how many “regular” penpals I have, because I’ve only exchanged a maximum of 3 letters with most of them! Still, I’m excited to meet so many new people and send and receive letters from all over the world.

Without any further ado, welcome to letter.love!